Band Of The Day: Feldberg

Feldberg are icelandic duo Einar Tönsberg and Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld. The duo formed in 2009 after meeting up on a sync project by Einar under his guise Eberg whilst Rósa was in the band Sometime. Eberg had previously had tracks in the cult US series ‘The OC’ and also having one of his tracks feature in the iPhone launch advert in the US. Together they make dreamy pop music with elements of electronic, acoustic and folk. They released their debut album ‘Musically Don’t Be A Stranger’ in Iceland in 2009 via Cod Records. Their album is set for release in the UK this year. The stand out track from the album ‘Dreamin’ is a perfect example of the combination of pop and electronic music and the track is confirmed to feature on the prestigious Kitsune Maison Compilation 9 due for release on 26th April. They will also be performing at the launch party at London based record store Pure Groove. Go over to their Myspace for more tracks and check out the video of ‘Dreamin’ below live on Icelandic TV.


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