Band Of The Day: Lonely Galaxy

I thought it was only respectful to make Londoner Harry Granger Howell aka Lonely Galaxy Band Of The Day. To be honest he has been band of the day for a long time. London label Transparent cannot put a step wrong already releasing Indie Crowd favourites Smith Westerns, Active Child and Washed Out to name a few one of their newest releases Lonely Galaxy is one of the best. The sombre tones and effortless vocals of EP1, makes you embrace the rawness and the emotion of each song, if you shut your eyes it takes you to another galaxy. Tracks ‘Have A Heart‘ and ‘Time’ feel timeless and would easily slip into an emotional end sequence of a movie or a television programme where a traditional girl and boy romance story has just dramatically ended.

The EP as a whole is one of the most beautifully crafted musical pieces i have heard in a long time. EP1 is available to buy now on 10” which is limited to 300 copies through Pure Groove.

Lonely Galaxy – Time

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