The Indie Crowd Playlist #1… Bwani Junction

Bwani Junction


This month sees the start of a new Playlist feature here at The Indie Crowd. Each month we will be asking our favourite Bands/DJ’s/Club Nights to put together a selection of their favourite tracks past, present and future.

We kick things of with Scottish Indie Starlets Bwani Junction.

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

It’s about Vikings. It’s bad ass. Solid Bonham beat, fat Jimmy Page riff and high sexy vocals in a low cut top from Robert. What more could you want?! Except John Paul Jones of course…

James Taylor – Fire & Rain

We’ve all seen a bit of fire and rain. James does it for us every time.

Elvis Costello – Everyday I Write The Book

It may be cheesy but the lyrics are too good.

 Kings Of Leon – Pick Up Truck

This gets played when we’re so pissed we could cry. We’re not sure why…

Fleetwood Mac – Big Love

For when a little love just ain’t enough.

Tame Impala – Jeremy’s Storm

Sounds like you’re riding a horse on acid.

The Clash – Bank Robber

If you don’t like The Clash then…

Alt J – Ms

Amazing production and a beautiful song. Not just this but the whole album. Wouldn’t mix it any differently.

The Flaming Lips – Flight Test

Rhythm section locks in amazingly from the start. Tune.

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses

Beautiful song. Beautiful delivery. They still nail it.

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