The Indie Crowd Playlist #2… Majesty


The second installment of our Playlist series comes from one of the hottest new Indie nights on the London scene. Based at the newly relaunched Monarch in Camden, Majesty has booked bands including Black Market Karma, Adam French and The Black Tambourines. We caught up with the guys from Majesty for a quick chat and discussed what sets them apart from other club nights.

1. Majesty Promotions consists of 3 people. How did you all meet?

Sam and Tom have been friends since school and met Alex when he moved down to London from the Manchester area. We all work for record labels in West London and wanted to put our passion for music and industry knowledge into running a night with decent live music.

2. What sets you apart from other club nights?

As a monthly showcase we try our best to be a platform into other industry activity for bands and solo artists, by inviting industry contacts down to the events and not relying on artists to do all their own promotion. A lot of time and effort goes into the artwork each month thanks to Sean Harland who also designed the Majesty logo. He has produced some amazing designs and gives us something unique. We are genuine fans of the bands we put on which means we can put more passion into the event itself and we trust our taste in music. Bands can have a hard time with promoters in London but we want to move away from that and make it as enjoyable for them as it is for the crowd. We’ve had a lot of really good feedback from people through the door and have built up a group of regular attendees which is great.

3. What do you think are the best club nights in London?

One of our favourite club nights which takes places once every month or two is Cave Club at the Buffalo Bar and it is ran by members of The Horrors. We’d highly recommend a visit and its always on a Friday.

Bad Vibrations have also caught our eye. The guys who run BV are notorious for putting on weekly gig nights across the city.

Eat Your Own Ears and Bird On The Wire are two very successful and established promotion companies based in the big smoke. They have both brought many top artists and bands from all over the globe to London, with many overseas acts receiving their UK debut thanks to these guys.

4. You are based at the Monarch in Camden, How did you choose Monarch and what do you think of the Camden scene at the minute?

From the start we decided it was either Shoreditch or Camden, these are the areas that are most associated with music in the capital and have an array of venues. Camden edged it due to accessibility and it leans toward a rock n roll crowd so we set about and met up with various venues in the area. We found quite a few already had their own in house promoters so were no go’s. We met with Jay a.k.a Beans On Toast, the venue manager at The Monarch and were very impressed with what they could offer there in terms of stage time, dates, capacity as well as location on the high street.

There has always been a more ‘indie’ scene if you like in Camden but we aren’t too fussed with contributing to it. We want to offer bands from outside of London a chance to play as well as London based bands. We have put on Storms and The Rusty Suns who are both local so it is good for their fans to have the chance to come down to see them play as well as discover 1 or 2 other artists on the bill they may like. We also aim to put on quality rather than pack a bill with 5 random sounding artists in order to make a profit or to contribute to a scene as many have done before.  We view Camden as a base for this; if the artists and the people who come to the nights are happy with what we do and keep coming and it manifests into a something bigger, that would be cool, Camden will always do well musically due to its history and fame.

5. What is the future for Majesty

We want to carry on putting on the best new music and not lose our identity by putting on bands that we have no passion for. It’d be really cool to put on an all dayer and this is something we have been looking into recently. We’ve been in talks with a festival about hosting a tent which would be ideal for what we want to do. We are continuing to build on what we have achieved so far and would also like to look into management and Majesty artist releases in the future.

If you want to play at Majesty please contact us at and leave some track links for us to listen to.

The Black Tambourines – “Bad Days”

Straight to the point, garage rock at its’ finest. The Black Tambourines played at Majesty’s July event and tore the place apart. This song being one of the highlights.

Crocodiles – “Heavy Metal Clouds”

Great return from Crocodiles, taken from new album “Crimes Of Passion”.  Brilliant melodies and with the inclusion of a well worked brass section this track sees them reach new heights.

Gang – “Silverback”

This band are set for big things and are proof that the UK is still producing some of the finest rock ‘n’ roll bands. ‘Silverback’ is brilliant from start to finish and when this riff comes to smack you in the face there’ll be no shying away, you’ll want to listen again and again. Another highlight from Majesty’s July event.

Black Manila – “Fiasco”

Dark, haunting riffage from Black Manila. Very punky, snarling vocals with some nice production too. They produce such a big sound for a 3 piece. Nice 2 minute guitar solo/outro to boot as well.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Some Time Alone, Alone”

It’s a dreamy psychedelic 60’s nugget. There have been comparisons musically with Tame Impala, coincidentally it is lead singer Kevin Parker behind the production.

Factory Dolls – “Selfish House”

Brutal and raw, with a stomping riff leading throughout. You’ll not often hear grunge as good as this nowadays. The breakdown is dark and scary, surrounding you until it kicks you out the other side. The guys have been in the studio so keep a look out for new tracks to be posted very soon.

TOWNS – “Dig Your Heels”

Towns definitely deliver on their ‘Sleepwalking’ EP with some great shoegazing sounds and ‘Dig Your Heels’ is my pick. It features fuzzy bass and feedbacking guitars, with a nod Smashing Pumpkins and Ride-esque vocals. Oooof.

Temple Songs – “Passed Caring”

Temple Songs hailing from Manchester are literally ‘Passed Caring’ with this wonderfully catchy distorted single out on RIP Records.

F.U.R.S – “Just Kids”

F.U.R.S’ second single ‘Just Kids’ creates a sense of escapism when listening to this anathematic indie track. The towering choruses really stand out in this brilliant mix of pop/rock.

Splashh – “Feels Like You”

Dazed vocals and heavy riffs make this one of the best grunge tracks to come out of the UK in years. Splashh’s forthcoming album ‘Comfort’ is set to be one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2013.

You can catch the next Majesty night on Thursday 19th September at The Monarch in Camden. Details can be found on their Facebook page.

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