Bwani Junction


Edinburgh is not renowned for Indie music but locals Bwani Junction are trying to change that fact. Things are looking up for the Scottish Indie troupe with them going from strength to strength and a 2nd album in the pipeline. Radio seems to love Bwani Junction with strong support from Radio 1 and XFM for the recent Papa Candy single. Having also recently headlined the XFM Exposure gig at Camden Barfly hosted by John Kennedy they embarked on another headline set in the capital last week at Proud in Camden. We caught up with them ahead of the release of their new Live EP to discuss Edinburgh and what lies ahead for Bwani Junction.

Edinburgh is world renowned for its cultural diversity, how do you think music fits into the city especially Indie Music?

Jack: It doesn’t.

Rory: [cutting in]But the scene is growing constantly. It keeps getting better. The last big band to come out of Scotland is Frightened Rabbit, so it’s still more about Glasgow in Scotland when it comes to music than Edinburgh.

Who are your favourite Scottish bands at the moment?

Rory: Three Blind Wolves

Dan: Blank Canvas

Jack: Discopolis – also a young band called Kapauldies Garage

Rory: also Pronto Mama!

A lot of bands shy away from Live EP’s as they highlight weaknesses in their Live set, why did you choose to release a Live EP?

Fergus: I think because originally we wanted to hear how we sounded in the stadium – you know, if we sounded rubbish.

Rory: But the EP has come out of it through a happy accident…!

Jack: The response has been great so we’re really happy with how it’s turned out.

What is next for Bwani Junction?

Dan: Proud at Camden tonight!

Rory: We’re off to Malawi and then to Vietnam.

Jack: We’re trying to find the most obscure places to play and then go there!!

Dan: And then sell no CD’s while we’re there…

Describe ‘Papa Candy’ in 3 words?

Rory: A shit song

Fergus: I think you mean ‘A shit storm’!

What can people expect from the 2nd Album?

Jack: Jeffrey – people who know the first album will know what I mean by that.

Fergus: The producer has described it as a ‘comic book album’.

Jack: I’d say it’s a ballsier sound – a bit darker than ‘Fully Cocked’.

Dan: 12 shit storms. [Straight-faced] Crying was involved in the making of this album.

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